Oh I am SUCH a geek...

Googlefight is my new late night fun - type in a couple of words and see which gets more google hits is the basic idea, but it's damn funny all the same.

On a side note - I prefer butter to margarine, and it's actually better for you (that damn hydrogenated oil is just not good) but damn, margarine is 48-58 cents a pound where butter runs 2.50 or more. so I only use butter in things that NEED butter. Still, because I have growing young boys I'm eating more red meat and fat then I should - simply because they need those ingredients more. And how a googlefight turned into an argument of butter vs. margarine I'll never understand. Must be the lateness factor. I should sleep now...

Oh, and guess what, in ROTS they actually SHOW mr. bad boy getting fried crispy - if you have no idea what I'm talking about you're not enough of a geek. Anyway, that means my son won't be going with us to the premiere, the boy's just too sensitive.


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